For Sunday, Jun 14

We published this info in the weekly email that came out Thursday.

If you have not already, save the Heavenly Host Youtube channel in your bookmarks. And subscribe, you’ll get notified when we have new content posted. You should also save the Zoom link because we use the same one for Bible Class.

This is the link to the livestream of the service tomorrow.

This is the Zoom link for the Voters’ Mtg.

For Sunday, May 31

Livestream at

The PDF for the service bulletin is available at!AghXMmo2rU1VrEaax7pFxbzGI6NI?e=IejXnj

Zoom Link for Adult Bible Study was emailed in the Weekly “What’s Happening” and posted in Faithlife.

The link for Adult Bible Study on Zoom is the same link we’ve been using. Part of the reason why I’ve been reluctant to post the link widely like on Facebook or my blog is because those are public forums and anyone can see what the Zoom link is and jump in on the Zoom call. There have been reports of people “bombing” Zoom calls with porn and other inappropriate behavior. But we’ll post it and monitor it.

Small group communion services

This is the video of the small group, fewer than 10 people communion services I have been doing on Wednesdays. If you would like to participate in person and receive communion, just call the church office and reserve your slot. If we need to add more slots, we will.

Church services to restart 10 May

Welcome Back Guidelines

You’re welcome back to church this Sunday at 8 am and 10:30 am for services in person.  We will offer communion at both services.  Please wear a mask and prepare to socially distance at church.

Services online still available

We plan to livestream the 8 am service on YouTube.  This service can also be viewed any time after 8 am.  However, because we cannot insert the slides live, you may want to download the service folder beforehand.  You can find a link to it on the church website or at my blog.

Small group communions available Weds afternoons

For those who want communion but wish to limit exposure, we have groups of 10 or fewer on Wednesdays starting at 12.  Please call the church office to RSVP.  If we need to offer different or more times, we will as needed.

Please pray

We are restarting in a limited capacity. So pray for the health and safety of all involved. We’re making a good faith effort to follow all the guidelines from the health authorities. Pray our technology cooperates and we can livestream without hiccups. Pray for our Heavenly Host community that has been tried throughout this time of separation. And pray for your elders and pastor that we can continue to make decisions with the facts as we know them and can rightly order the ministry of the Word and Sacraments here to serve as many as we can. PS+

A pastoral letter, April 29, 2020

“How lovely is Your dwelling place…”

The Psalm today, Psalm 84, begins, “How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD of hosts! My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the LORD.”

I prayed that psalm today with a sigh. Perhaps not like the exiles did for seventy years in Babylon but as we approach seven weeks away from the courts of the Lord, I’m longing to be back in the Lord’s house with all of you.

I can assure you, the elders and I are in conversation about how soon and when we might return to worship in person on Sunday morning as well as what we can continue to offer electronically until such a time as we can all return safely. When we can return, you’ll know. We’ll contact you in every way we can to let you know.

More than a few notes

We’re continuing to communicate weekly via email. If you’re not getting those emails, you probably didn’t get this one. But if you’re having a conversation with someone who didn’t get this email, let them know we’re trying to get the word out about what’s happening and have them call the church office!

Sunday Mornings starting at 8:00 am on YouTube

We post the Sunday service on Sunday at 8 am and you can watch it there “live” in the sense that others can watch it with you and you can see who they are if they make comments in the chat box. Watch it with others if you can and watch it on the biggest screen you can with the sound turned up and participate as though you were in church. My family and I watch it together, which makes it it the first time we’ve worshiped together in over 12 years. Please “like” the video and consider subscribing to our channel. We only need 30 more subscribes and we qualify for a custom channel name. If you want to follow along with a bulletin you can find it posted on my personal page,

Sunday Morning Bible Study is now live on Zoom

If you’re not getting the email invite to the virtual room we have on Zoom, please let me know. You will need a computer to watch and participate. But you can just use a phone to call in to the room too. For more details, call the church office.

Other Devotions and Resources

Your Bible and Hymnal

They are invaluable at this time. If you want to read the Bible devotionally, there are any number of ways to do that. We are reading passages together right now. has a readings list or you could just promise yourself you’ll look up the readings in the Portals of Prayer. Whatever works so that you’re in the Word. Your hymnal also has short devotional guides for Morning, Evening, and Before Bed starting on page 294.

Other resources

The LCMS FB page has resources

President Harrison, Pastor Daenzer and 1st Vice-President Lange will be having a Bible Study everyday at 9:00am. Of course there are many, many good resources on theLCMS website too.

Issues Etc.

You can listen to Lutheran radio online, or download shows old and new or listen live from 3-5pm on…


You can listen to Lutheran content throughout the day through streaming on the Internet. KFUO is the oldest religious programming station in the country. 

Of course, there are many more resources and prayer helps out there for you.. Just start if you haven’t, try more if you have. I’ve been using the Treasury of Daily Prayer off an on for years. It is a treasure and I can’t believe I waited so long to pick it up.

Just a couple more things


Forward these emails to whomever you like.   Print these emails off and give them to your family members who don’t have internet access.   We have a good USPS mail list that Holly is sending information to also. Please contact her to have anyone you know added to that snail mail list. Please send us any email addresses to be added to this distribution list too.

Care for each other and Pastoral Care

If you need anything, or you know of anyone who needs any supplies, or is in financial distress due to employment loss, please contact me. The elders are making contacts on their shepherd lists so we can stay in touch with each other. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are ready and able to assist.

Don’t hesitate to contact your pastor. I’m here to listen and encourage you with the Word of God. Don’t think that I’m too busy or bothered. If you are feeling stressed, worried or fearful, call! I’m 615-229-5593. I know our families are under great pressure; I’ve heard that our local police and county sheriffs are fielding many calls on families in crisis. Do not hesitate to contact us. The peace of God that is above all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. You need to hear that peace; it is what we are here for.

Your Sacrificial Tithes and Offerings

Thank you to all who are contributing through the website or are sending your tithes and offerings through the mail. Please consider online giving if you haven’t yet. If you’d rather simply send tithes and offerings through the mail or drop them off, that is fine. You can also set up a regular ACH payment at your bank. It’s free and takes the burden off remembering to contribute.

May our Lord Jesus bless you all and bring us quickly to the day we return to His courts with praise and thanksgiving.

Pastor Andrew Smith+