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Lenten Readings

February 10, 2016 Leave a comment

The first post is out and you can receive the new verse everyday here and join the conversation around the Word on the church’s Facebook and my Twitter.  I hope you will.

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Ash Wednesday

February 10, 2016 1 comment

Luke 1:1-56

Great Expectations —

You’ve probably had one of those events that you yearn for expectantly.  A homecoming of a loved one, a birth, a wedding day.  You holding your breath for the the day to come.

Now imagine that sense of longing lasting for hundreds of years in the collective memory of a nation that had already seen its heyday.  The world you live in is not what God intended for his people.  And yet there is a promise from God Himself that a new day will dawn.  But why is He waiting so long to act?

But then one day, something starts to change a tell-tale sign.  A young girl really, saying her prayers, receives a messenger.  “It’s happening!  The promise is happening through you.  This is God’s doing.  It’s started.  The joyous day is as good as arrived.

Luke’s Gospel is about God making right our broken world through Jesus.  It starts with Jesus in Mary’s womb.  It ends with the dawning of the new creation after Jesus’ resurrection.


As you read Luke this Lenten season with many Christians locally and around the world, come with your longing, with your sense that the world is still broken.  We see it and feel it.  Hold those examples before God in prayer and trust.  And look for the signs of life, of hope.  The first inklings that something new is already come.  And give thanks that Gos is still at work in our broken world today.

Yes, we’re still waiting for the fullness of that day.  But the first rays of dawn are already peeking through the gloom.



Thanks to Tom Wright and his book, Lent for Everyone, Luke Year C.



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