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New postings and the Epiphany on Friday

January 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Well, I’m all caught up on the text versions of the sermons.  I have some audio to edit and upload.  I’ll do that tonight at the library.  Upload speeds are higher than the download speeds!

I was reading last night on Pastor Weedon’s blog about the different Christmas services, Christmas Eve, Christmas Dawn and Christmas Day.  He noted the particular differences of each like a jewel held to the light with different facets shining through.  He’s right and we are the poorer for not having all three Divine Services.  I note this in the wake of the reaction I had from Sunday’s sermon on the circumcision and naming of Jesus.  Several folks said, they’d never quite put it together that way before.  It was the same reaction the first time I preached on the Baptism of Jesus.  One lady in my first congregation accused me of heresy because she had never been taught that took upon Himself our sins in His Baptism.  And I think I have finally figured out why I get these reactions.  These events were not preached because these days were not observed.  The circumcision of Jesus seems esoteric compared with New Year and the self-improvement idea.  And the Baptism of Jesus is never preached because people translate Epiphany to the first Sunday in Epiphany and boot the Baptism of Jesus.

Here’s the thing, if we don’t observe these days, the readings don’t come up anywhere else which means the perfectly substitutionary aspect of Jesus’ coming is thoroughly given its due.

So, we’ll celebrate Epiphany Friday.  It will be one of the lowest attended services of the year, comparable to Ascension because it’s midweek.  And I’ll just have to be thankful that because Christmas was on a Sunday this year many more people than usual heard the Christmas Day readings and message.

In this way we intend to preach the whole counsel of God.