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What Christians need to remember on election day

November 7, 2016 1 comment

On Sunday we observed All Saints’ Day and it wasn’t really the moment to look at what has been the weirdest election season I’ve ever seen.  Except to say what I did, which is All Saints’ Day is the promise that in Christ, the victory has been won and that victory, even if not yet completed, is already a reality, if only by faith and not yet by sight.

But what of this week, and election day in general?  For years, certainly during the years I became aware of both religion and politics, the 1980s, conservative Christians allied with conservatives in politics along social issues.  Those efforts have, by and large, failed due mostly to failing in the courts.  In my conversations about issues today, what seems clear to me is that most conservatives don’t understand the new demographic reality in the US.  In this blog I mentioned the book, the New America.  If you want to see how America is changing ethnically and attitudinally, this is a pretty clear picture.  The political class is worried about who will pick the next supreme court justices because the majority has already been lost.  Baring the Lord’s return or the Third Great Awakening, I don’t see much stopping the rise of pluralism, the real threat to Christian identity and teaching.

No matter what happens on election day, Christians should remember:

1.  We are citizens of the kingdom of heaven first – The old hymn “I’m But A Stranger Here, Heav’n is My Home,” has it right.  While it certainly matters who is elected (I’m not naive), it matters only for this world, which will come to an end.  [Insert joke here if candidate x is elected the world will come to an end.]  In all seriousness, our king is Jesus and His kingdom is eternal.  We are electing government leaders only for this present time.

2.  There is no candidate who is the last hope for Christianity.  And there is no candidate who will preserve Christianity.  That job is already taken by the One who reigns over heaven and earth.  Jesus promised the gates of hell cannot prevail against His Church, I doubt very seriously a political party will fare any better.

3.  No political party is clearly on the side of righteousness.  By their very existence, political parties choose one side or the other in an issue, and usually for the sake of power, not righteousness.  Christians must affirm what is good, challenge what is lacking, and denounce what is evil. (HT – Trevin Wax).  That’s a really good way to put it and both sides have some pretty serious holes.

4.  Be faithful and repentant.  Look at Daniel.  He was an exile in a foreign land and yet remained faithful.  The Lord will give us opportunities to be faithful.  And remember His hand still influences the destiny of nations.  Israel became unfaithful often and the Lord’s raised up nations to discipline them back.  Remember that Christian teaching suggests the equivalence today is not biblical Israel to the United States, but rather biblical Israel to the Christian Church.  It’s most likely time for the Church to return to the Lord, who is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

5.  It is a Christian’s duty to vote.  Do your duty.  And remember God can, and historically has, used unbelievers to bless His people.

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