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Devotion for Monday in Lent 5

Luke 17

Do you reckon these lepers that approach Jesus knew He had previously touched another leper and even healed him?  (Mk 1:40)  If so, it’s no  wonder they rush at Him begging Him to heal them.

And remember also, healing lepers is one of the signs of the kingdom of God, that Jesus is the bringer of the kingdom.  (Lk 7:22)

Do we recognize the kingdom of God come?  Do we see it one another gathered at the communion rail or while singing a hymn, hearing the Gospel preached?  Do we have eyes to see it?

Full disclosure:  In case you’ve never picked up on this in my preaching or teaching, I believe it is very difficult for many people to see the kingdom of God.  It is not found in the blind tradition of the liturgy, although it is in what has been passed on to us.  It is not found merely in volunteering, although it is hidden under the burdens we bear for one another.  It is not found in the ecstasy of the charismatics, although the Spirit of God brings it via the Word.  It’s not found in the architecture of buildings, although it resides and abides where the Word is proclaimed and the sacraments are administered rightly.  For years, (even after I was ordained!)  I never saw it.  I have only just begun to see glimpses of it.  And it has has transformed what I see and what I think is valuable in the church at in our homes.

Wherever there is faith in the midst of doubt, wherever there is trust in the midst of weakness, wherever there is a cry to God for help, there is a glimpse of the kingdom of God.  Jesus brings it.  We respond to it in thankfulness.

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