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Devotion for Thursday in Lent 4

Luke 15

Lost sheep, lost coin, lost son

Again, seeing them all in a row and not stretched over two Sundays, do you see the intensity of the seeking shepherd, diligent woman, waiting father?

I doubt there was anything special about the coin that was lost except that it was a coin.  The same with the sheep.  They were simply lost.  The son, well, he’s family, even if he would prefer his father to be dead (that’s the only way one gets inheritance).  So we could say there was nothing that made him especially worthy of being saved.

No, these three parables show the nature of God who seeks to save.  Jesus tells these “parables” (literally para=alongside, bole=throw).  We always take about parables being stories with a central element that explain an aspect of the kingdom of God.  But pastor and author Eugene Peterson, explains them differently.  He says, Jesus is is speaking from an angle, from a slant, to say the kinds of things that need saying, but can’t be said straight on.  As a people, I don’t think, we don’t much care for parables. We like straight talk and people that “tell it like it is”, right?  Teachers that show up throwing verbal curve balls are unsettling.

Of course the other aspect of all three of these stories is the sheer delight in each of the three people when they find what they seek.  Make no mistake.  These are not parables about how we should seek.  Jesus is trying to tell us what great joy there is when a lost one is found.  Each of us was a lost sheep, lost coin, a lost son.  We have been found, to the great joy of Him who found us.  Our task is to delight in the searching, welcoming love of our God and let it transform us.

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