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Devotion for Wednesday in Lent 4

Luke 14

When we read these sayings of Jesus in our church, we divide them up over two Sundays at the end of summer.  Does the intensity of Jesus’s sayings here intensify as we see them together?

How much of what Jesus says do we even hear in church on any given Sunday?  How much of the kingdom of God is even present among us, much less visible to us on any given Sunday?  Isn’t that why we go home thinking about so many other things, things other than what Jesus speaks of here?

“Religion” the tare, has grown up and all but choked out fruit producing wheat, the preaching God’s kingdom come.

We wonder why people won’t come to our churches.  Could it be they truly don’t believe in the god of church, the god of religion, the god of nice, the god who helps those who help themselves?  I don’t believe in the god they don’t believe in either.

There is something utterly captivating about the kingdom Jesus speaks of here.  “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not?”  Of course it is!  Good grief!  You’re such an expert in the “law” you don’t even know what’s good for you or for another fellow human being?  “But they could not reply to these things.”  You think Most High God is so persnickety about a jot or tittle of the Law, He doesn’t want you to help someone on the Sabbath?  You know what He does want, though?  He wants you to take a Sabbath.  You know Sabbath is a gift from God right?  Not only is it a gift but it is a necessity.  It’s a realization that we are not God and that He provides for us.  That’s kingdom living.

So, all you workers that have to work Sundays, go ahead.  But keep Sabbath another day.  Do it.  You need it.  You are no different from the other 7 billion people on this planet that need a day of rest.  This is part of the kingdom.  God cares about you so much He’s given you a day of rest, mandated it even, because He knows you have a hard head.

But whatever you do, don’t try to think yourself better than others because you keep the Sabbath.  Don’t get caught in the religion of it.  Simply enjoy the gift.

Oh, and the same principle can be applied to the others here.  It’s the kingdom of God.

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