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Devotion for Thursday in Lent 2

Luke 8:40-56

Two stories.  Both of them showcase the power of Jesus.  Yes, He has the ability to raise the dead.  And yes power went out of Him when the woman touched the fringe of His garment.  Readers, who would have Jesus only be a kind teacher who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, beware.  That Jesus is too small.

He is the one who says to those who face death, “Do not fear, only believe.”  The one who raised Jairus’ daughter, was raised on the third day.  Dead could not hold Him and death cannot hold those who are His.  But what about all that time we live before death?  That gets messy doesn’t it?

The fear is that Jesus will treat us like others treat us when we show them we are not perfect, when we show them our rough edges, our brokenness.  When we show Jesus the toxic sludge that we have experienced, He does not shy away.  He reaches out, calls us daughter, (or son) and sends us away restored and at peace.  I’m thinking about people who have been abused.  People who have been hurt by others.  People who have been traumatized by violence.  People who the rest of the world shuns, Jesus seeks and welcomes.

Don’t be afraid, just keep believing.  Jesus has the power to make things right.


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