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For Saturday in Lent 1

Luke 13:31-35

All that speaking about how the poor would get what’s coming to them and the rich would be overthrown was bound to create powerful enemies.

And so these Pharisees come to Jesus and try to warn him.  These Pharisees might actually be supporters of Jesus.  It’s almost as if they’re saying, “Strong work, Jesus.  But all this preaching against power is making you enemies.  Herod wants to kill you.  You need to get someplace safe if you value your life.”

And Jesus responds with this somewhat confusing statement about prophets dying in Jerusalem and hens gathering their chicks under their wings.  Apparently, there is documented phenomenon that in a fire, say in a field where a hen has her chicks, the hen will gather her chicks under her wings.  After the fire has blown past, grass fires being quite fast and usually driven by the wind, there is the the stirring sight of a dead hen, charred by the flames, but her chicks alive and still huddled under her wings.  The mother hen has given her life for the sake of her young.

Jesus is saying that He intends not to hide from Herod and rather go to Jerusalem and suffer and die there as a prophet. ” Jerusalem, Jerusalem.”

Two things here.  First Jesus did go to Jerusalem to suffer and die for the sake of all the Father’s  children.  Second, Jesus continues to protect us from all harm and danger.  The fires might blow through, we are safe under His outstretched arms.

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