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Fresh from the sermon cutting room floor

On the OT reading from today, Malachi 1:1-14

The Lord is so offended by the priests’ false worship, He turns sarcastic, “Present that to you governor, see what he thinks of your “honor” toward him!”

I’m particularly struck by the Lord’s comment because I think honor is in relatively short supply for our public officials, for those who are due a certain measure of honor simply on account of the office they hold.  Take, for instance, our president.  I’m not a current fan of the currently sitting president, Mr. Obama, and yet I’m more than a little embarrassed by the way I hear so many fellow Christians speak of him.  By denigrating him so terribly, they take down not only the man but disrespect the office, and in doing so break the fourth commandment to honor father and mother.  What I don’t understand is how we can clearly see the effect of pornography in its destruction of the order God wants for us according to His sixth commandment but we fail to see the caustic nature of the political discourse in our country.  And if we are so willing to treat a civil office holder in such a way, how much longer before we treat other office holders, even the Lord, in the same way?  And many, quite frankly do.

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  1. September 26, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Previously, reverence for those in authority (and other societal values, morals, and norms) was instilled within tribal/family units and transmitted from one generation to the next. When the family unit began to deteriorate, due to various factors, the prevalence of values, etc. in our society lessened, also.

    Facing challenges, (Ex. single mothers working to provide for their children) it has been difficult to persevere, let alone continue to instill and apply a value system, as you struggle single handily to raise your family successfully. Using the single-mother example, who is left to provide love, attention, and guidance when the parent is absent the majority of the day? Grandparents whom have already raised children? Gangs that form in the absence of love and family unity? Lock-stepping with misfits whom find meaning in the great abyss of moral decay? Or within the drug culture with its peculiar, and more often fatal, attraction?

    Pastor Andrew, I wish I had a solution delineating how to reattach, regroup those with challenging family units. All I can do is pray that those whom find themselves without love and hope, will locate and accept Jesus as their Savior. He loves unconditionally and is waiting with open arms to bring them safely home to the sheepfold of God.

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