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I’d rather be fishing…

From Jacob of Voragine today:

Jacob of Voragine, who flourished in thirteenth-century Italy, pointed out that times had changed, and whereas preachers in the early days of the Church were like fishermen, who in one cast of the net drew in a multitude, today the preacher is more like a hunter, who with great labor and outcry catches but a single animal. If in fishing the catch is not large, the reason may lie with the fish. There are those who adroitly avoid the net of preaching. In other words, the problem is how to get at them at all. The fault may lie also with the fishermen:

They fish at the wrong time, they fish too deep, they fish with poor tackle or broken nets, or they fish in the wrong place. Those who fish among the riches, pleasures, and honor, are fishing in the wrong place. Those who look for death-bed repentances, or try to instruct others when they themselves are ignorant are fishing the wrong time. Those who look for money or honor throw their hooks too low, and those who preach in the word while their lives do not correspond, fish with broken nets.  (For All the Saints Vol 1, p 226)


Is Jacob right? Are those who are fishing, perhaps trying to fish too deep? Trying to hook a big one?

I think I’ve heard from others that fishing for people nowadays is done with a line and hook, not a net.

Are those who are fishing with “any bait it takes” really fishing, keeping them in the boat or practicing a defacto catch and release?

We can go on and on with this metaphor.

Anybody remember watching any of those fishing shows on Saturday afternoon TV before there were 300 channels on the satellite box?  Those guys never failed to catch something.  Of course 23 and half minutes of not catching anything would not good TV make so, how many hours went into each burst of activity.

I so would like to believe we’re living in a different time.  It would take some of the pressure off.  This is the new normal.  The fish have grown to be wary of the net.  If they’ll be caught, they’ll be caught with great patience and skill, one by one, maybe by twos, but not often.

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