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Gospel for Advent 1

I have noted below that Mark 11 is the traditional Gospel for Advent 1 but that is not really accurate.  The traditional Gospel is actually Matthew’s account of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Mt 21:1-9).  This is in contrast to the three year lectionary which has Matthew’s account of Jesus preaching about no one knowing the day or the hour of the Son of Man’s return (Mt 24:36-44), Mark’s account of signs of the end and the fig tree (Mk 13:24-37), and Luke’s account of the same (Lk 21:25-36) in years A, B, and C respectively.  The LCMS chose to give the option of the triumphal entry reading from each of the Synoptics as RCL reading.  But why?  Why does the triumphal entry reading mean so much for Advent and why should we choose to use it over the RCL?  Because Advent is not about preparing for Christmas; it’s about proclaiming the arrival (“He comes!”) of the one who was born to go to the cross for us.

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